Google Maps, get Driving Directions

Planning a Route with Directions - Simplified version

This is the simplified version of the service provided for free by Google Maps. By typing the addresses of two places, you can get the path and draw the route on the map, getting directions to each step. The steps of the trip will be listed after pressing the button "Calculate Route". For get more precise driving directions, it's better specify the addresses of the places of origin and arrival; the addresses should be written in the following manner "5 Piccadilly Circus, London." When finished, the trace route will be displayed on the map and just below you will see all the steps of travel. Of course the typical features of Google Maps are enabled, like the zoom to increase or reduce the level of definition of the map. The icon with the yellow man Pegman activates the Street View feature which show the streets; to check if a locality has been photographed by the Google cars, just move the same icon on the map: when the streets turn blue, it means that we will see the panoramic view. To move the map in various directions, just drag it. The buttons 'panorama', 'zoom' and 'reset' allow, respectively, to have the panoramic view of the place, to identify in detail the point on the map, to restore the road map to its initial dimensions with the line of the route. After calculating the route, next to 'INVERT' button (which serves to reverse your start and end locations), you will see a drop down menu where you can select the type of map: road map, satellite, terrain . If your browser is set to accept the detection, the GPS tracking will be activated by checking the box 'your position'. [ Versione in italiano ].

In this space will appear the steps the selected path. After entering the addresses of the Starting point and Ending point, just press the button 'Calculate Route'.

If you wish to have a copy of the itinerary, simply use the button 'Print Route': it will open a window that can be printed or saved in PDF format (with devices that have this feature).

Also, it's reported that you can get the satellite image of Europe, the weather forecast of Italian towns and the situation of road traffic, by ticking the appropriate checkbox.

An useful chance is to choose the way to make the trip: by car, by public transport, walking, cycling.

The steps of the travel are complemented by their geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude); to hide them, press the button 'Hide Coordinates'.

Browser recommended: Google Chrome.

Service provided by Google