Calculate Italy Legal Interest Rate

The Italy Legal Interest Rate is defined by the article 1284 of the Civil Code which, after the amendment of article 2 of the Law December 23 1996 nr. 662, provides as follows:

The rate of Legal Interest is is determined at the rate of 5 percent per year. The Italian Minister of Treasury through an its acts published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic before December 15 of the year preceding that for which the rate refers, may change annually the measure, based on the average annual gross yield of government bonds for periods not exceeding twelve months and considering the rate of inflation reported during the year. If before December 15 was not determined a new rate of Legal Interest, this remains unchanged for the following year.

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from the date to the date regulative norm rate
21.04.1942 15.12.1990 Codice Civile art. 1284 5,00 %
16.12.1990 31.12.1996 Legge 26/11/1990 n. 353 e Legge 29/12/1990 n. 408 (art.13) 10,00 %
01.01.1997 31.12.1998 Legge 23/12/1996 n. 662 (art. 2 comma 185 e art. 3 comma 164) 5,00 %
01.01.1999 31.12.2000 Decreto del Ministero del Tesoro 10/12/1998 2,50 %
01.01.2001 31.12.2001 Decreto del Ministero del Tesoro 11/12/2000 3,50 %
01.01.2002 31.12.2003 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 11/12/2001 3,00 %
01.01.2004 31.12.2007 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 01/12/2003 2,50 %
01.01.2008 31.12.2009 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 12/12/2007 3,00 %
01.01.2010 31.12.2010 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 04/12/2009 1,00 %
01.01.2011 31.12.2011 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 07/12/2010 1,50 %
01.01.2012 31.12.2013 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 12/12/2011 2,50 %
01.01.2014 31.12.2014 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 12/12/2013 1,00 %
01.01.2015 31.12.2015 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 11/12/2014 0,50 %
01.01.2016 31.12.2016 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 11/12/2015 0,20 %
01.01.2017 31.12.2017 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 07/12/2016 0,10 %
01.01.2018 31.12.2018 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 13/12/2017 0,30 %
01.01.2019 31.12.2019 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 12/12/2018 0,80 %
01.01.2020 31.12.2020 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 12/12/2019 0,05 %
01.01.2021 31.12.2021 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 11/12/2020 0,01 %
01.01.2022 31.12.2022 Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 13/12/2021 1,25 %
01.01.2023 in vigore Decreto del Ministero dell'Economia 13/12/2022 5,00 %
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Calculation of revaluation based on the Italian Legal Interest Rate

The software calculates the Legal Interests also for the extra day is in the leap years. Start date: January 1, 1970.
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Informations - The Legal Rate of Interest is established by art. 1284 of the Civil Code which provides that, if the parties do not agree in writing to a higher interest rate, you will have to apply the law established annually by the Minister of the Treasury. The rate calculated by this program is simple, it does not provide for the capitalization of interest (the compound interest which is the Interest on Interest) and re-evaluates the sum of each year. This mode is most usual because art. 1283 of the Civil Code only allows the compound interest in limited cases, except in cases where this is established by the use of legislation.

Calendar year and year commercial - The calculation of the Interest is done on the basis of the calendar year which is composed of 365 days (366 in leap years). The commercial year, however, is a conventional period formed by 12 months of 30 days each, for a total of 360 days. This particular period was used in the past to facilitate financial calculations that would otherwise have had to consider the particularities of the calendar year (leap years and months with different number of days). This need to simplification was no longer necessary when they began to diffuse the software to automate the calculations of interest. Consequently, the commercial year is now obsolete.

Memo - This calculator follows the provisions of article 155 of the Code of Civil Procedure: «in computation of time limits in days or hours, you exclude the initial day or the initial hour», applying the locution of Roman law "dies a quo non computatur in termino, dies ad quem computatur". Moreover, according to the said article 155, «if the expiration day is a public holiday, the deadline is extended by law to the first following working day» and «for the computation of time limits in months or years, is respected the common calendar». In short, the initial day of a deadline is excluded, but the final day is included. Lastly, it's necessary to distinguish between the Legal Interests and the Monetary Revaluation of an amount of money, that's the calculation method used to offset inflation.