Biorythm Online Calculator

Biorhythm theory was developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century by Hermann Swoboda (Professor of Psychology at the University of Vienna) and Wilhelm Fliess (biologist at Berlin and friend of Freud). According to this theory, human life is governed by three cycles: a 28-day cycle, called the cycle of emotions, governs the temperament; a 33-day cycle, called the intellectual cycle, influences the intellect and the ability to think; a 23-day cycle, called the physical cycle, determines the physical conditions. This calculator, available only for Internet Explorer, represents the cycles with numbers with values ranging between -10 and +10.

  Calculator in Javascript of Biorythm (only for Internet Explorer)


To check your own biorhythms enter your birthdate into the text box (using the same format shown - mm/dd/yyyy) and click 'Evaluate'.

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Values range from -10 to +10. Values near or equal zero indicate criticalness. The sign after each value indicates either a rising (+) or falling (–) trend.