The Lovemeter Test

"Homen nomen" said the ancient Romans. The name describes the man. Then, check if your name is that of a passionate person, or that of a cold person. Get the answer with the LoveMeter test. If you like, you can do a test for the couple, by comparing your name with that of the partner or that of your beloved, so you know the level of affinity in the love. Maybe you've already met your soul mate!
Use the LoveMeter is easy, just type your name in the field, after clicking on the "Single" and after specifying the sex with the buttons "Male" or "Female". To check the feeling of the couple, however, click on "Couple" and then enter the names of two persons. Finally, in both cases, click on button "Grade him!". If you have some problem using the LoveMeter, click here. The "LoveMeter 2" test is produced by RealApplets. Per la versione italiana clicca qui. Good luck, lovers!

  Type the names to get the sex appeal level