Biorhythms Calculator

According to believers in biorhythms, we are governed by 3 cycles. The cycle called Emotional governs the temperament. The cycle called Intellectual influences our intellect. The cycle called Physical governs the phisical condition. The length of these cycles are 28, 33 and 23 days respectively. Each cycle moves up and down between 100% positive and 100% negative. The notion of periodic cycles in human fortunes is ancient; found for instance in natal astrology and in folk beliefs about "lucky days." The 23- and 28-day rhythms used by biorhythmists, however, were first devised in the late 19th century by William Fliess, a Berlin physician and patient of Sigmund Freud. This calculator shows the three cycles through colorful graphic curves, after adding the date of birth.
Author of this applet: Jin Sato.

Enter your birthdate and you can see your Biorhythm