Calculation of proportions and scaling

Instructions: the scaling, ie the calculation of new width and height or width and length of a figure, while maintaining the aspect ratio, is simple. This calculator is used to resize the geometric figures and it's indicated especially for webmasters who need scale the pictures.

To obtain the new dimensions, you must enter the early width and height in the first two fields with the yellow background and then type the new height (or the new width) in one of two fields below. The calculator will automatically determine the size updated. At the bottom of the calculator are two additional white fields where will appear the same numbers without decimals, rounded to the next higher.

Remember: for decimals you must use the comma ( , ) and not the dot ( . ); after each calculation you must reset the fields clicking on Reset.

 Scale calculator: change the size proportionally

width    height   
Type the new dimensions in one of the two fields below
width    height   
The two fields below shows the integers rounded
width    height   
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