Automatic Calculation of Percentages

Instructions: for very many people the percentage calculation is not an easy task. These four calculators help to significantly simplify it. In the first just enter the desired percentage and the number from which it must be inferred. In the second calculator is asked to enter two digits, the first of which is placed in relation with the second; by clicking on "Calculate result" you will know what percentage it represents. Third calculator determines the percentage increase (or decrease) between the first and the second digit. Fourth calculator lets you know the value of a number, after entering an absolute value and a percentage.
Use the dot (.) for decimals, not the comma (,).
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  Percentage amount

What is    % of  
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  Percentage ratio between two numbers

  is what percentage of
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  Increase or decrease percentage between two numbers

Increment / decrement from   to  
Below is shown the percentage of increment or decrement
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  Calculate the original value starting from the percentage

  represents the % of the below number
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