Percentage Calculator Online

Instructions: those are three online calculators that simplify the work to find the percentages. In the first calculator simply enter the percentage and the given amount. In the second calculator you must enter the two numbers you want to find in the report. Clicking on the button "Calculates the result" you know the percentage relationship between the first and the second number. The third calculator determines the percentage increase (or decrease) between the first and the second number.

Warning: for decimal numbers is used the comma ( , ) and not the dot ( . ) because this version uses the thousands separators. To help the user, initially the fields have numbers pre-entered.
This calculator not provide for the rounding of decimals.
For other versions, click on the links below.
advanced version with rounding to 2 decimal numbers
advanced version with rounding up to 6 decimal numbers
basic version without rounding the decimal numbers
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 Determine a percentage

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 Ratio between two numbers

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 Percentage increase or decrease between two numbers

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