Exxagon - Strategy Game

Exxagon. Hexxagon is one of the most popular animated board games of strategy, loosely based upon Othello and Attaxx!. The original version was written in 1992 by Argo Games; it have been updated by Neave's Webgames. The idea is to occupy the board with as many of your gems as possible. You do this by moving your gems into the empty pods. YOUR AIM: To take over the world! There are two ways to conquer land, by reproducing your pieces every time you move to an empty adjacent position, or by converting the opponent's pieces to your own color when they you move your pieces to an empty space next to the opponent's piece or pieces. You can choose to play against the computer, or against another human opponent. There are two types of move, a jump or double, indicated when your piece is selected. Use the mouse to choose your piece, left click to move it to an empty adjacent position.

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